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Signage With Positive Messages – Can it bring about change?

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if everyone tried to be kind and positive towards others even for one day.  In some communities people feel scared or unsafe on a daily basis and it often seems there is no hope for change.  Well I was very excited when I stumbled across this article in the news. Signage With Positive Messages Go Up In Newark « CBS New York.

In Newark, NJ there is a history of crime and violence. It is a struggle  for most people living in a community where they don’t feel safe or happy.  The artist Killy Kilford came up the idea and has the help of students and the city.

“People have bad days and people have good days, but what this is about is about triggering moments of joy for people, to look up and be like, yeah that’s good and carry on,” Kilford said.

Seeing what this community is doing to bring about positive changes is very inspiring and will hopefully lead to other communities doing similar projects. As a counselor I talk about positive thinking all the time. This story highlights the unique way this community is trying to bring about change in the community with positive messages. The children involved in helping to make the slogans and signs even stated that they felt good just making the signs. I think this is a step in the right direction. Time will tell if it does bring about change for the community, but even if it makes a change in just one person’s life then they are worth the effort.