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Holistic activities for your child- Wet felting

Wet Felting- This is an activity that can be done with all ages. It’s fun for adults and children and helps to incorporate sensory activities with artistic expression. You can create something out of your wet felted balls or just make them for fun and use them to play with. The possibilities are endless.

The reason for incorporating these instructions on my blog is to allow families, parents, caregivers, etc. ideas of activities that you can do with your child that are not centered on media. This activity is great for those that need more sensory experiences as well as those that like to get messy!

Items needed:

  • Wool
  • 1 container warm water
  • 1 container cold water
  • Liquid soap

The first thing you need is some natural wool. It can be any color that you choose.



After you have selected your wool spread it out so that it looks like a flat piece. If you want to mix colors lay the colors together making one flat piece of wool.  See the picture above that has several pieces with mixed colors.  You then start to roll the wool into a ball keeping it as tight as you can. This is the basic shape you will start with.

Once you roll it into a ball you will need two bowls of water. The first bowl should be as warm as possible but still comfortable to put your hands in. Add a few drops of liquid soap to this bowl. This will help with agitation. You want to put the ball into the warm water and roll it around with your hands. Keep rolling. This helps the fibers of the wool to start “felting” together. This will make the ball stay in the shape of a ball.


When you have the ball as tight as you like you then stick it in the cold water.  This will help the felted ball to set and you will be rinsing out the soap that’s in it. If you want to get it a little tighter you can also “shock” the wool by putting it in the cold water and then go back to the warm water to continue working on it.


You can make as many as you like and use them for counting games, garlands, decorations, necklaces, anything your imagination allows.