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Positive Thinking

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Why is thinking happy thoughts important? Well it may seem that it doesn’t matter what your thoughts are it’s your actions that count. But I have found that the more negative my thoughts are the worse my day is and the worse my outlook on life is. If I “look at the silver lining” or “think of the bright side” or any other cute way of saying think positively I find that my day is much better. Well we all know that this is not an easy thing to do and especially when you feel you have a legitimate reason for being upset. The problem is that your brain gets stuck on those negative thoughts and then it’s so much harder to get away from them. It takes a lot of practice to think positively. It’s not easy to find something that can change your outlook on a situation. However doing so will increase the likelihood that you move past the upsetting event quicker and are able to find more positive thoughts in the future. When I first started trying this it was hard and often times I laughed at some of the phrases I heard like “fake it until you make it.” I could not figure out why someone would want to pretend to be happy (fake it). Well I tried it because I couldn’t ask others to do it if I wasn’t willing to try it. After a lot of practice, I finally understood why this concept works for some people.  I also tried out various positive thoughts or sayings that resonated with me. This is a lot of the work that I do with people in counseling sessions. It’s awesome when someone finds that they no longer need therapy because they can “think on the bright side” or find their own solutions and no longer need a therapist!

Author: Hattie Carroll-Ratliff

I am a licensed counselor and have been working in community counseling for more than ten years. I am a working mom and love to give back to others. I get a lot of satisfaction and joy from my work with families because I am passionate about helping as many people as possible feel successful and happy in this important part of their lives. I have a private practice on the main line in the Philadelphia Metro area. Please contact me if you would like more information. hattie.counseling@gmail.com

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